May 9, 2012

gap kids inspired denim {re}fashion

I was shopping with my oldest daughter the other day and she spied some very adorable shorts at Gap Kids (the embellished Bermuda shorts).  She seems to gravitate to anything that has beads, gems, sequins, sparkles, etc.  While they were very cute, I can't justify $34.95 on a pair of cut of shorts...we're trying to be smarter with our money and keep to a budget.

So my 7 year old actually had the "aha" moment and said "mom, you could totally make these".  So we {I} did!  They were so quick and easy to do, and cost close to nothing.

We already had a pair of jeans {bought last fall on clearance for $9} with a hole in the knee {shocking...} that still fit.  I cut them off just above the knee, turned the raw edge outside {like the ones from Gap} and hemmed. She chose embellishment/beading at Joann's {wasn't my choice, but that's OK} to go across the pockets, which we got on sale for 74 cents!  I hand sewed the beading on and decided to add a little embellished detail with embroidery floss {which I had on hand}.

Voila!  Done and done!  A new pair of shorts from jeans she wasn't going to wear anymore. 


  1. Thank you, Rachelle. I'm trying to be resourceful and mindful of budget - we have so many clothes that still fit but just need a little bit of love and life put back into them :)

  2. What a great way to spice up a pair of jeans!