May 15, 2012

another re{fashion}!

Happy Tuesday! 

Well. A fussy {possibly teething} baby and the arrival of gorgeous weather are certainly interfering with my sewing/crafting/creating/me time.  I need to get back into gear quick as I have some pretty lofty goals and plans for some projects that need to get done soon {very soon}.

What I'm working on:
* creative wedding gift of date nights {for a wedding this Friday night! can we say procrastination?}
* an apron {kids} for part of a birthday gift {for this Saturday! yup...procrastination!}
* a "twurddle pawncess" skirt for my 2 year old {that's 2 year old for twirl princess skirt...just because she asked for one}
* and the pile of unfinished projects still sitting here {that I may have added to...}

Even though I already had my "to do" list of projects, I had to whip up {re-fashion} this little thing last night...

I was sorting through the kids' clothes yesterday and came across this little dress in the back of my daughter's closet.

I had bought it from Baby Gap six years ago for my second daughter and just loved it.  It was one of those things that I just couldn't part with after she outgrew it {it was 0-3 months}, even though there's nothing particularly special about it.  It's just a knit dress.  Low and behold a few years later we had another girl {not exactly planned}.  I pulled out the cute ric-rac Baby Gap dress for her, but she never wore it {being born in the winter}. So the dress has just sat on a hanger, moved from closet to closet, never worn again.

Then yesterday, along came another "aha" re-fashion kick moment.  I looked, measured, looked, measured, thought, and debated...finally coming to the decision to cut it off and make it into a skirt for my 2 year old.  It took all of about 15 minutes.  {I think the deciding part of whether to actually do it or not took longer.}

I cut off the top leaving just enough to attach an elastic waist to.  I happened to already have 1" hot pink knit elastic, so I just zig-zagged it on and voila!

Don't mind the pictures...this little 2 year old can't be bribed to pose for pictures.  I've tried and tried...


  1. That is a fantastic re-purpose and you get to see it worn by another of your girls. Good idea, good job.

  2. Love this! I'm big on repurposing, recycling and redesigning. Thanks for sharing

  3. This is so cute! Adorable remake!

    Thanks for linking it up @ Creatively Living!