October 30, 2014

Budget Friendly "Fauxdermy" Antlers...My DIY $7 Knock-off

I did it! I joined the "Fauxdermy" decor club.

The BEST part of it...the cost...a whopping $7!

Yup{I am from Minnesota, you know}! Seven dollars! That's even after tax.

I've been seeing some great pieces at West Elm and the like this fall, but spending $50-$200 just seems comical for a trendy decor piece {remember we have four kids under our roof}.

I've been swooning over a rhino head piece from ZGallerie for well over a year but I just can't bring myself to splurge on it.  It's only around $50 but it's one of those pieces I wonder if I would put up for a month and then say to myself "what the heck was I thinking?".

Back to my budget friendly deer head, antlers, Fauxdermy...whatever the heck you call it...

I was with my girls at Michael's last week when we took a short cut through a Christmas aisle {gugh...Christmas already!? At least wait until November 1st!}.  There hanging mid-way through the aisle was an awesome "paper" deer head looking right at me.  It was like a bright light "a-ha" moment.

The cost was a mere $12.99.  Totally do-able budget wise, especially since I had a 50% off coupon.

I already had a ton of paint at home that I needed to use up so I painted the piece with a brush and acrylic paint. Ideally I would have spray painted it, but I had a three year old working by my side and didn't have any white spray paint on hand.

The end result... Super cheap... Super easy... Guiltlessly disposable!

Happy Fall!


September 7, 2014

That moment you delete an entire tutorial...

Ain't that a thing...

After a nearly one year hiatus from this little blog of mine I had a fairly decent post to share.  I spent the afternoon typing up a post about the headboard my husband and I made yesterday... somehow I managed to delete the entire contents of my post. {insert sad face and a lone tear here}

Humph... first world problems, right?