May 16, 2013

Thrifty Find

I admit I'm not the best "thrift" shopper out there... I'm not good at the "hunt".  I can't spend tons of time perusing in a thrift store. So, I probably miss out on many great finds.

The other day though I did come across these at Goodwill while "killing time".
I just love them!  They're simple and add a "splash" of color in the kitchen.  Not to mention we were in need of replacing some of our bowls after our one year old "helped" me unload the dishwasher by throwing a couple of our bowls across the room like a MLB pitcher.

The best part...they were 99 cents!!!


May 15, 2013

DIY Typography Word Art

I currently have a "crush" on Typography Word Art.  There is so much of it out there, and it's so dang cute!

There are oodles of shops to purchase different pieces on Etsy {you can even buy some at Target these days}.  It's fairly inexpensive to buy too...but it's even cheaper to make!

I wanted a few pieces to hang in the kitchen, but I knew I didn't want them forever {or maybe not even very long}, so I didn't want to spend much money on them.  Hence the decision to just make my own.

After a few minutes on the computer I was able to whip a couple of these up...

Now I just need to stick them into some fun frames & hang them up.


May 14, 2013

"Tip" it over! Pineapple upside-down

A friend of mine stopped over the other day and spotted a pineapple {I had just picked up at the store} sitting on the counter like this...
 photo a727e3d6-2b0f-4ffe-b8dc-06edaede4479_zps056b27c4.jpg
She inquired if we had been reading too many Amelia Bedelia books around here...

After explaining why the pineapple was upside down she stated she had "never heard of that".  So in case anyone else has never heard of this little tip, I will share.

I first heard of this "tip" years ago from a relative...

When you buy a pineapple, they're typically shelved upright {with the plant "spikey" things upright}, and all the juice settles toward the bottom of the pineapple.  So, when you get home, {before you slice your pineapple} tip it upside down for a while so the juice can flow back throughout the pineapple.
 photo pineapple_zps1f7e2c68.jpg
Odd tip?  Maybe.

Does it really work?  I don't know {it's just something I do}.


May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Happiness

Today I am so blessed to have a beautiful, loving, selfless mother to celebrate.  I am even more blessed and honored to be chosen as the mother to the four most amazing children God could have entrusted me with!

Life is BEAUTIFUL!!!

I recently came across this poem that reminded me of my "momma"...{it seems fitting on this day}

I Have a Mother Who Prays for Me

Some have had kings in their lineage,
Some to whom honor was paid.
Not blest of my ancestors-but,
I have a mother who prays.

I have a mother who prays for me
And pleads with The Lord every day for me.
Oh what a difference it makes for me--
I have a mother who prays.

Some have worldly success
And trust in riches they've made--
This is my surest asset.
I have a mother who prays.

My mother's prayers cannot save me,
Only mine can avail;
But mother introduced me to Someone--
Someone who never could fail.

Oh yes...I have a mother who prays for me
And pleads with The Lord every day for me.
Oh what a difference it makes for me--
I have a mother who prays.


May 10, 2013

Fabulous Friday {and finally figuring out some artwork}

What a "Fabulous" Friday!

After an April filled with snowstorms spring is finally {hopefully} here to stay in Minnesota.

I am so thankful for the gift of spending time with my kids and watching them learn and grow.

What better way to spend most of the day than at the park...

This afternoon I have been working on some "art work" for the kitchen {hope to reveal soon} and I finally decided what I wanted to do with this frame that I found at a garage sale last year for 75 cents!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend and a Happy Mother's Day to all of the special mommies!


May 9, 2013

Dusting Off the Computer Keys...


It has been nearly six months since I last posted on my blog...
I don't even know what to say for myself.

There have been numerous times I have thought to blog {but clearly didn't}.
I've written dozens of blog posts in my head {in the wee hours of the night}.

There should be a good explanation of where I've been and what I've been doing...
but, there's not. {Over the last six months I have done a lot though.}

I was so on fire for my blog and the things that I wanted to do...but somewhere along the way something changed.  My passion and "fire" shifted a bit.  I realized {or remembered, or something} that my passion and number one focus is really on my family. Caring for them. Loving them. Serving them. Enjoying every single moment I can with them.
 photo c11d19c2-29f0-4caf-bbe3-cd6c8293a1f4_zpsb3b85f5d.jpg
I am happier than I have been in a long time!  I am so happy about where we are as a family, what we have, what we are doing, and where we are going.

My plan {"plan" said very loosely} is to blog and share {if anyone still follows} some of the "happenings" that have happened and are happening around here these days...

ONE of the things I'm really excited about is that I have been cooking and {mostly} baking ALOT from scratch...which is HUGE for me!
 photo IMG_43601_zps52793e98.jpg
{mmmm...whole wheat blueberry muffins...}

Hoping to see you soon!