May 14, 2013

"Tip" it over! Pineapple upside-down

A friend of mine stopped over the other day and spotted a pineapple {I had just picked up at the store} sitting on the counter like this...
 photo a727e3d6-2b0f-4ffe-b8dc-06edaede4479_zps056b27c4.jpg
She inquired if we had been reading too many Amelia Bedelia books around here...

After explaining why the pineapple was upside down she stated she had "never heard of that".  So in case anyone else has never heard of this little tip, I will share.

I first heard of this "tip" years ago from a relative...

When you buy a pineapple, they're typically shelved upright {with the plant "spikey" things upright}, and all the juice settles toward the bottom of the pineapple.  So, when you get home, {before you slice your pineapple} tip it upside down for a while so the juice can flow back throughout the pineapple.
 photo pineapple_zps1f7e2c68.jpg
Odd tip?  Maybe.

Does it really work?  I don't know {it's just something I do}.


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  1. I had never heard if this either, will have to try it next time.


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