May 16, 2012

Child Apron {checking things off the to-do list}

Whew! Last night I finished the apron that I was working on.

The apron is part of a gift {yet another birthday party} for a friend of my daughter. I am so tired of buying Barbies, Princess junk stuff, Polly Pockets, etc. so I've been trying to think of "different" things to give when giving gifts.

When we decided on what to give for a gift {the apron & a cookbook} my daughter asked if she could design it. I was thinking she meant choose the fabric, but she really meant "design" it. So, I took her drawing and totally "winged" it. Once I planned it out it was actually pretty painless. I had planned on creating a tutorial as I went, but got so into it and was on a roll that I didn't get pictures as I made it. Perhaps I can later post my directions {should there be anyone interested in them or should I someday decide to make another}.

So, here's the finished product...{don't worry we were just modeling the finished product}

My daughter is a shrimp for her age & the girl it is for is tall for her age, so hopefully it fits!

We put it together with the rest of her gift...

We even wrapped it up already...{this part is shocking because I AM that mom usually throwing the gift in a bag on the way to the party!}

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  1. A super cute birthday gift idea! You should do a tutorial on how to make it so the res of us idea challenged people can do it too. ;)