May 11, 2012

eeeks!!! {exciting friday}

What an exciting day. I stepped {WAY} out of my newbie blogger comfort zone and joined Find a Friend Friday over at Sew Many Ways. I can't say that I had big {or any} expectations from it. But, what I can say is the response I received from joining {comments and followers} made my day and warmed my heart. {Keep in mind I'm not usually a sentimental gooey person}

Seriously. It has totally made my day! I'm so incredibly happy that I stumbled upon the Sew Many Ways blog. If you didn't find my blog through Sew Many Ways...go there. :)

On another note. I started some much needed cleaning and organizing in my sewing and craft room.  I came to the realization that I need to "ground" myself from buying any more craft "stuff, fabric, and so forth until I make a serious dent in what I already have!

I have a tendency to be easily distracted by new projects and ideas that I get. That's why I tend to keep my sewing and creations to simpler, quicker things {though I am capable of doing much greater}.  Being a stay at home mom with four kids, homeschooling, and a husband that travels {a good amount} doesn't leave me with a ton of opportunities to sew and craft. So...when I do have the opportunity, I like to focus on things that I know I can get done in a quick amount of time. When I do get pulled away in the middle of a project is when the "new" ideas come to me and I start something new rather than finish.

My goal this weekend is to take some time for me {and my is Mother's Day weekend, right?} and get moving on some of this "stuff".

Happy Mother's Day! Wishing you all a beautiful weekend.


  1. I'm visiting from FAFF at Sew May Ways and want to encourage you to keep up your blog. I'm new to blogging too and having the best time. I thought about doing this for literally YEARS and finally just jumped in. My family doesn't even know I have a blog, I'm too shy to tell them. That seems dumb since I'm talking to the world. Anyway, do what you love and the rest will follow.

    1. Thank you so much for "stopping over". Thank you for your kind words and encouragement!!!

  2. Visiting from FAFF at Sew Many Ways. :)

    Sounds like we have a little in common. :) I am also a homeschooling mom (tho I'll soon have 8 kiddos *grin*) who blogs and has had to stop myself from buying more fabric and "stuff" until I can use up some of what's accumulated here first. ;) So many projects never make it past purchasing supplies stage...

    It's nice to "meet" you. :)


    1. Thanks for "stopping by"! Bless your heart - 8 kiddos!!! I hope they took good care of you today and gave you a happy Mother's Day.

  3. Hi I. Too found you at Sew Many Ways, what a great way to meet new people right, although I am kind of sad I have not heard from anyone " yet" since signing up for FaFF! I am getting discouraged as I do not seem to have many followers or comments I love it and am having fun writing it, but...
    Stop on by tell me what you think, so far I have enjoyed your blog! I will keep checking in & follow you, I hope you will consider following me too.

    Thank You & Many Blessings