May 7, 2012

baby bow ties & denim re-fashion

It was a rainy, rainy, busy weekend with yet another birthday party.  Needless to say I didn't get as much done as I would have liked to.  I did catch a break for a couple hours on Saturday while the two youngest took naps and the two oldest girls were playing. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to sit down at the sewing machine!

My favorite "make" of the weekend was a couple of bow ties for my little guy. I found a tutorial online that seemed simple enough. Something along the way went horribly wrong, so I found myself repairing and repairing, tweaking, and repairing. The second one I decided to just "wing" it, and do my own thing.  The result: much easier, much quicker {I had it completed in no time at all}. Now that I have a quick way to make them, I'm so excited to make more! How many bow ties are too many?


My other project... My daughter "L" has been asking and asking for a denim skirt.  It hasn't been at the top of my list of items to look for and buy for her. 

The other night while doing laundry and folding a pair of "outside play jeans" I had an aha moment.

Ugly $5 Old Navy jeans {with holes worn into the knees} + 2 gathered strips of cotton fabric = begged for denim skirt. Ask and you shall receive!

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