April 30, 2012

a fresh {re}start

Note to self: don't ever ask "what next?"

My crazy Thursday decided to continue itself through the weekend. It was non-stop, really. With each thing that happened I would ask myself "what next?". Apparently that was the wrong thing to do. So, today as I awoke to a rainy, gloomy day, I decided "enough is enough". It's time to channel and create good thoughts, positive thoughts, and positive energy.

Sometimes {I feel} it's easy to get caught up in a "funk". It's easy to get distracted by "stuff" that happens in life. It's too easy to see {or assume} these "super moms" on blogs, social media, and other sources that have an insanely neat and tidy home, create gorgeous things all day long, have quality fun time with their kids all day long, do lunch and play dates with their besties, cook fabulous meals for their family, all with their hair and makeup done, in great clothes, each and every day. Maybe it really does happen...however I can't get in my own way and hold it against myself if I don't do the same.

So, today is a new day. Time to pull myself back together and just get re-going. I can't let the silly stuff get in my way.

I make my own sunshine!

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