April 25, 2012

about a boy {kcwc day 2}

day 2 of the kids clothes week challenge.

hour of sewing - check! it was more like two hours {which would have been awesome had i not run into a few bumps in the road}. sadly, i didn't finish my little project that i started today. i will tomorrow though! {minor finishing touches & hemming}

i decided to sew for my little boy. i had yet to make anything for him {except burp cloths}, so i decided to make a pair of pants out of the seersucker I bought at Joann's the other night.

i made a pattern using a pair of linen pants he already has {which was a breeze}, and got them all cut out while kids were napping. i made the mistake of pinning them together, trying to prep, while watching the results show of The Voice. of course i didn't realize my pinning mistake until after i had sewn both outside seams & went to press them!

{curious if this only happens to me??? maybe this is why i prefer making skirts and dresses.}

wouldn't you know, i back stitched the dickens {thanks for the word, grandma} out of those, which made ripping the stitches less than a breeze. the remainder of my sewing for the evening was spent being a pokey puppy paying ├╝ber close attention to what i was doing.

i'm so excited to get these done and try them on my little man!

it's rather refreshing making something without ruffles, ribbon, or a skirt for once.

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