April 18, 2012

the scrap/patch skirt...done!

i'm off to a good start on "the list".  at least i'm moving on it already. 

i have this skirt that i started about four years ago. it was originally intended for my second daughter "L", but i got stuck several times along the way.  sadly i lost my "vision" for it.  luckily though i had another girl along the way, so that by the time i had it figured out i had someone new that it would fit. 

the last time i touched this skirt was last summer.  i had already attached the waist band and the bottom ruffle when i decided that i needed to add a lining.  i threw it in a box along with other unfinished projects and forgot about it. 

i had some "free" time the other night and decided that before i could start or do any more sewing i needed to finish this stinkin' skirt!  it has been four years in the making {not because it was a complicated project}, and if i leave it any longer my last daughter is even going to be too big to wear it.

finally!  the skirt has a lining {i'm not happy with how it turned out}, and it is done! 

1 comment:

  1. I think the skirt turned out really cute! I also think that it would have made a darling apron without having to fool with lining.