April 19, 2012

bye bye Pinterest.

I LOVE PINTEREST! However...I've realized how much time I {personally} waste on it. It's not good!

Since "there's an app for that" I find that random pauses throughout the day get filled with pinning & browsing, and less doing. More than once I have stayed up waaaayyy too late pinning, told my kids "just one more second" while on Pinterest, ignored stuff that I probably should have done...all for the love of Pinterest!

So, I've logged out. I actually did a couple weeks ago {as a test to see how it would go over}. I've deleted the app {yes I did!}. And, I survived!!! I have not been on or needed Pinterest. I have not died not knowing what 'creative' things my dear friend wants to make, do, and create {even though she admittedly can't sew a button to save her life}.

I'm going to pin "old school". My likes and inspirations change so frequently that I decided I'm going back to my design school days of having an actual cork board and/or inspiration bin for those things that catch my eye and that I love so much. I'm going to pull out the good 'ol sketch book to throw my thoughts and ideas down.

I've taken back my time {and life}. I'm a creative person by nature & have enough thoughts, plans, and ideas roaming around. I guess someday I would rather have the thought "I wonder what I could have pinned on Pinterest" than "I wish I had gotten more done".

bye, bye Pinterest. xoxo

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