April 24, 2012

sewing circles {kcwc day 1}

i had incredible intentions of de-cluttering and organizing closets & cupboards this week ... but yesterday i came across the Kids Clothes Week Challenge over at Elsie Marley. i decided it was the perfect opportunity to make some progress on some of these clothes for the kids. so i am committing myself for the week! one hour a day dedicated to sewing for the kids {very doable even for me}.

last night i managed to get all the kiddos to bed and got to work. earlier while i had been trying to decide what i would start on for day 1, little miss "L" picked up a green and white polka dot piece and asked for a skirt. a surprising choice, but i decided to go with it.

i decided to make a circle skirt since they're pretty quick to make & it's something different from the usual elastic waist simple skirt. it took a little longer to make than it should have {i had a little "chicken" that was having a hard time staying in bed}. by no means is it my most inspired, creative, or best work.  regardless, it got done & it always feels great to actually finish something. voila!

excited to sew some more tonight for day 2!

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