June 7, 2012

Welcome Back

While neglecting my blogging responsibilities  enjoying time with my kids and taking a "vacation" from my wannabe "baby" blog, I read a very interesting article {blog post}that really {really, really} struck a cord with me.

I'm sure many of you {OK, let's be real...anyone who might actually possibly read this} have already seen this article. It's called How to Miss a Childhood over at Hands Free Mama.

Have you heard of her??? Oh my goodness...I think she's writing directly to me!

When I read this post {admittedly while my kids were sitting next to me coloring...} I was nearly in tears!  I realized {and was doing it right then} that I am completely guilty of missing so much that is going on because I get so engrossed in my phone, blogs, Facebook, etc.

So...my blogging and "creating" time have taken a "time out" to spend more time with the kids, but here's a glimpse of what I've been doing...

I finished my little B's twirl skirt {my pics of it are horrible - I couldn't get her to stand still long enough to get a good picture}...

We've been making our summer colorful...

The girls got to choose and plant flowers in the front planter...

We had a crazy fun road trip {note my sarcasm...we had a three hour drive to a graduation, on the trip back the kids needed to stretch, and who could pass up seeing THIS?!?}

Here's a glimpse of what I've been working on...{the color in the pic is a bit off, but more to come soon}
My crafting, sewing, creating {call it what you want}has been a little slow, but the time spent with the "little chickens" sure has been fun!

Thanks for stopping by!
- R.

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