June 19, 2012

Maxi Dress to Skirt {re-fashion}

The sewing for myself projects continue... I'm not quite sure this one can be considered a "project". It's actually a re-fashion that took all of about a half an hour {including distractions}.

I L-O-V-E maxi dresses and skirts!!!  LOVE them!  Cannot get enough of them!

They are so comfy, cool, and easy to wear in the summer. {They're pretty much the closest thing to feeling like I'm wearing my pajamas all day long without looking like a lazy bum.}

I had a knit maxi dress that I bought last summer.  After washing it the first time I noticed that it had dozens of small holes just below the bodice where the skirt connected.  Aside from the holes it had a fairly deep V in the bodice that was a little too deep for my comfort after having four children...{if you know what I mean}.

So in my closet this poor dress sat until I decided to cut it off into a maxi skirt.

This is a gray {less plunging bodice} version of the dress that I cut off.

I went out and bought the necessary amount of 2" wide elastic to go around my waist.

I cut the skirt off just above the seam connecting it to the bodice of the dress, trimming the excess fabric away so that I just had the serged seam left.  {By doing this I was able to keep the original gather of the skirt so that I wouldn't have to completely re-gather it when attaching my elastic}.

Next, I pinned the skirt to my elastic {having to gather it up just a bit more}.

I then zig-zag stiched my skirt to the elastic and was done!

The skirt is a little more full than I would typically make or prefer.  But, it works and was a very quick and easy re-fashion costing close to nothing. {I also no longer have it just hanging in my closet unworn}.

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  1. Love it! great idea, plus I bet you could use the same method with a piece of fabric!