June 29, 2012

Fantastic Friday {time for a bloggy makeover?}


In the short couple of months that I have been blogging I am astonished to see {i can read stats} that I have had well over 1000 {yes, one thousand} visits to my blog!  That may be "peanuts" to some bloggers, but for me it's a pretty decent deal. 

{Maybe there are a couple of lone souls who continuously visit me out of pitty...hopefully not!}

Regardless, I am humbled...Thank YOU!

Seriously, I would LOVE to know where all you "visitors" are visiting from...leave me a comment if it's not too much to ask.  Please...

That said I've really been thinking about giving my blog a "face lift", since I do believe I'm going to stick around for a while.  The blogger templates are nice {ahem...fine...adequate}, but a girl like me needs a little bit of "punch"...something a bit more.

Honestly, I have no clue how to do my own custom blog design...I'm sure with {a lot} of time {which I don't have}, a few mistakes, and a couple of {choice} words I could figure it out.  But, rather than go through the pain I've been thinking about finding someone else to do it for me...

One option I came across is Melissa Rose Graphic Design Studio.  She does custom designs, but she also has a number of awesome pre-designed blog templates along with many other products.

I'm kind of keen on this one...

She also happens to be doing a "giveaway"...for her one year blog anniversary.  Which of course I entered...and have crossed my fingers...and my toes...and those of all of my children...hoping that I win!!!

Interested in a chance to win for yourself?  {I can't believe I am decreasing my chances of winning by sharing this...just kidding!}  Hop on over to her blog 20 going on 80.  You can get there by clicking here.

Good luck!!!


  1. Congrats on your page views! Every time I hit certain numbers I get all excited, tell my hubby , and he says" uh, cool". Every number is a good one.

  2. Hello Rhiannon,

    Best wishes for your blog and the competition you have entered.

    Happy days.

  3. I love that template, too! I've been thinking about switching to Wordpress and that scares me to death. I bought my own custom domain which is an important step. There is so much info out there but if you check out my pinterest I have a blogging board that has all the links to things I"m learning about this blogging journey. It's pretty mind boggling. Hope you win (if I don't because I am sure going to enter!) Have a great day!

  4. Page views are exciting, aren't they? It's wonderful to know that complete strangers care about what you say and do. Soon these strangers can be counted as friends , too!

  5. New follower from the Naptime Review Monday Mingle! I am hosting a custom blog design giveaway as well if you would like to check it out! http://www.boys-oh-boys.com/2012/07/custom-blog-design-giveaway.html