June 12, 2012

Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial {Twins Onesies}

My two oldest girls are gone during the day this week to church day camp which has left me with high hopes of getting projects worked on {yeah for nap time!}.

Yesterday proved to be an uber productive day! I freezer paper stenciled!!!

Now I know this is by NO means a new concept.  I have been wanting {intending} to do it for years, but have never gotten around to it.

I had so much fun doing this and it was so easy!

I chose to make onesies for my twin niece and nephew that were born a couple of months ago.  While searching online for "twins" gifts for them I came across an online store with clever "twins" apparel, but I wasn't a fan of any of the colors and onesies they used nor their prices! I had an "I could totally do that" {but in a way that I liked} moment. 

Here's how I made mine...

These are the supplies you will need:
* the image you want to use (printed in black and white is easiest)
* freezer paper
* pen or pencil
* exacto knife or small utility knife
* fabric (item you want to stencil on to)
* iron
* card board (I used a cut of foam core)
* fabric paint
* paint brush

A quick note: when tracing your image/artwork onto your freezer paper, make sure the shiny side is down {the more matte finish is up}.

First you will want to print and trace your design {or draw it directly} onto your freezer paper...I chose to do words as my design...nothing fancy, just simple word art in Microsoft Word.

Next {make sure to use a cutting mat or board to protect your work surface} using your exacto knife cut out your image.

Once your image is cut out, position the freezer paper shiny side down onto your fabric.  {If the item is something that will be worn or washed I HIGHLY recommend washing and drying the item before stenciling it.}

Iron with a warm DRY iron {don't use steam} to adhere to the fabric. {I went over mine several times to make sure it was "stuck" on well.}

Now you're ready to stencil! {I pre-laid out my colors that I was going to use so that I knew where every color would go.}  Use a stenciling or pressing motion to paint your design on to your item.

Once done stenciling, set aside to dry for four hours {or according to the directions on your fabric paint}.  I had a REALLY hard time waiting...I think I made it three hours before I couldn't stand it anymore.  

Once dry, carefully peel off your freezer paper.  Voila!

{I recommend letting your item dry over night and then heat setting the fabric paint.  The directions on my fabric paint said to wait to wash for 72 hours.}

I still can't get over how easy and fun this was!  The wheels in my head have been turning and turning...I may get on a freezer paper stenciling kick.  This would be such a fun activity for kids too.  I definitely think my two older girls would have fun freezer paper stenciling some shirts of their own.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These are adorable! I've never done this but now I want to try. Thanks for checking out my blog...I'm a new follower of yours as well!

  2. Thank you! Freezer paper stenciling is so fun and easy - you really need to try :) I have too many ideas in my head of things I want to stencil!