June 27, 2012

Nesting {a year late?} Linen Closet Organization

My hubby is out of town for work this week {which is not abnormal}.  Typically when he is traveling one of two things happens...{1} I go on a late night sewing "frenzy" once the kids are in bed, or {2} I clean and organize like a mad woman!

The latter of the two has happened this go round.  I had every intention of working on several sewing projects.  However, after not being home lately and being on the constant run with all the kids I decided enough was enough and that I needed to catch up on house work.  Plus I've really felt the need to tend to the organization "bug" that has been scratching at me.

Maybe it's because I never had the opportunity to "nest" with my fourth child, or that I never got to really organize after our move???

While {attempting} to put towels away after doing {9!} loads of laundry I came upon this mess...I'm pretty embrarrased to even show it!  I also think that certain little {independent} children are to be blamed for a fair amount of the mess...
{sorry for the quality...taken with phone}

A sudden urge rushed over me {since the littlest ones were sleeping}, and I had to do something at once!

I operate/live/breathe much easier when everything is organized and clutter free.  Am I crazy or alone in this?

I emptied the entire closet.


Threw {and threw...and threw...oh how I L-O-V-E to purge things!!!}.

Made a quick trip to the dollar store for some inexpensive {plastic/bathroom safe} containers.

Found a home for everything.

Breathed a sigh of relieft once all was in place...

Here's the after...it's not going to hit the pages of Better Homes & Gardens, but at only $5 and a little bit of time, it already brings much joy to my eyes.

The waaay tippy top shelf...things I definitely don't want a child to get into...

Next down...a place for everything {labeled with dry erase marker so the hubby has no excuses}...

Towels...neatly in a row...
mommy's - wash cloths - kids

Swim diapers, Hand towels, and tooth brushes at child "access" level...

Hair "stuff"...

 And...our monthly diaper supply...

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Do you have any great and inexpensive ways you like to get and stay organized?  I'd love to hear about them.


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  1. Look at you go! I work well at night when hubby isn't home, too. No one stresses over the mess and I can have it all cleaned up by the time he gets home!
    Your closet looks tidy and functional - perfect for your busy household!