December 11, 2012

Quarter Craft {Wall Art}

I live in Minnesota, and well...
copy copy.jpg

I love a good deal, don't you?

Ever since we took our financial class this fall and put ourselves on a "budget", good deals have become that much more of a thrill.

We don't have an abundant stock of Christmas decorations {I purged many of them when we moved - I had grown tired of the decorations we had}.  Since I've been in a word art phase, I was thinking I could make some signs with "cutesy" sayings.

While shopping at the dollar store for craft items for the kids, these wooden {mdf} pieces caught my eye...
IMG_3396 IMG_3396.jpg

Not because of their design, but for their "bones".  I picked a couple of them up because $1 each was a good deal.  When I got to the register to pay for them they were only 25 cents each!!!  A deal at the dollar store!?!?  Score!

With this one I did no prep work at all.  I painted a couple coats of black craft paint on it.  When the paint dried it had a very matte {almost chalkboard} finish.
IMG_3392 IMG_3392.jpg

At first I thought that I might actually try to chalk my design on it...but couldn't find any chalk around the house.  So then I thought white paint, but in looking for the right brush, I stumbled across a white colored pencil and decided to give it a try...and it worked perfectly!

The end result...a cute little "wall art" piece for only a quarter!!!
IMG_3401 IMG_3401.jpg

The price was so inexpensive, and it took so little effort that I won't feel bad or question myself if I want to repaint or redo it.


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