December 12, 2012

Christmas {Holiday} Cards & AWESOME coupon deal!

I'm so happy to say that I am ahead of the game this year on my Christmas cards!

They are done and out...and it feels soooo good.  I'm now sitting back and enjoying reading and seeing the cards that come to us each day in the mail.

Usually I'm the person with great intentions to get my cards done {designed}, ordered, and printed right after Thanksgiving.  Reality however is that I'm typically the one standing in line at Walgreens Photo {or the like} the week of Christmas to print up some Christmas cards in hope to get them post marked before the 25th.

This year though I stuck to my intentions and followed through!  I'm so happy with how they turned out too!

Thanks to cyber Monday I got an awesome deal on my cards...which was the "icing on the cake".
photo-2 photo-2.jpg
This is how my cards came packaged to me {inside the box}...could it be any cuter!?

I just happened to come across on the Monday following Thanksgiving, and they just happened to be having an awesome sale on their photo was fate!  I have to admit that I was a little nervous about how they would turn out because of how great the sale price was.  But, when they were delivered {quickly might I add} I was so pleasantly surprised.  The quality was fantastic!

IMG_3389 IMG_3389.jpg

I just received an email this morning with a coupon code for an awesome deal on their cards TODAY ONLY!!!  29 cent cards!!!  Did I mention how awesome the quality is?  I know my photos don't do them justice.  If you still need cards you should check them out.  Their site is  and the coupon code is on the front page of the site {CCP2229}.

*I was not paid or asked to write a review for really do think their products are awesome and look forward to using them again!


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