December 14, 2012

Kid Crafting. Felt Christmas Ornaments & Gift Toppers

Previously I mentioned that the kids and I have been Christmas "crafting" and decoration making nearly daily.  Their new favorite craft is sewing felt ornaments.
IMG_3428_zps224a458a IMG_3428_zps224a458a.jpg
They have diligently been busy creating felt ornaments and gift toppers for everyone.  It's quite cute and sweet of them.

{ keeps them "busy".  Which we mommies need sometimes, right?}

They're so simple to do...they've done so many that they can completely do them on their own now.

We bust out the felt.
IMG_3408 IMG_3408.jpg

Grab the embroidery thread.

Cut out a couple felt circles {we are now "graduating" to hearts}.

Cut out our "embellishment"...usually initials, hearts, or stars.
IMG_3430_zps70ba0874 IMG_3430_zps70ba0874.jpg

IMG_3433_zpsd45c14e8 IMG_3433_zpsd45c14e8.jpg
And away they go...sewing to their heart's content.

We stuff them with a little "stuffing".

Stitch it closed, add a little hanging loop...and voila!
IMG_3431_zpsb0cbe6fc IMG_3431_zpsb0cbe6fc.jpg

The result...simple, inexpensive projects that make great gifts or gift toppers.
IMG_3428_zps224a458a IMG_3428_zps224a458a.jpg