September 18, 2012

Mommy's Boot Socks

I never {in a million years could have} imagined these boot socks would be such a hit! It's utterly amazing how many page views they have had, and the amount of times they have been "pinned" since I posted about them last week.

Especially since they came from two scraps of sweater that were headed for the garbage.

The idea to make a pair for my two year old came from a pair I made for myself last year...

The pair I made last year started more as a full leg warmer.
Lesson learned was difficult to keep them "in place" while slipping my boots on. They had a tendency to "creep up" too far above my just didn't look right.

So this year, I cut them down to be smaller/shorter. I know...NOT a flattering photo, but it's for "visual" purposes.

I found it is much easier to use more of a tighter woven or ribbed sweater for boot socks than a looser cable type sweater.

Happy "Boot Sock" making!  If you make a pair I'd love to see them!!!  Feel free to leave a comment to come see them or to link them up to my Facebook page.



  1. Hey Rhiannon! I just featured these on the blog :)
    Jenny - Seamingly Smitten