September 26, 2012

Doing it all...

Has anyone noticed that I have been a bit MIA lately?

Maybe?  I would love nothing more than to tell you about an incredibly awesome vacation that I have been on, or all of the great work that I am doing for a charitable organization, or something wonderful along those lines...but I can't, because that's not what I have been doing.

The truth is...I've been trying to be mom, and wife, and somewhere try to fit "me" into it all too.  The lack of blogging might tell you that I'm feeling a bit defeated.

MY passion is in sewing, and crafting, and making "stuff", and a new desire for blogging and bringing it all together.

However, MY first love and commitment is to my family.

And right now I'm trying to make it work with all that we have got going on...

adjusting to homeschooling two kids this year with two busy "little" ones in tow
dealing with a super fussy one year old that has a mouth full of teeth on the brink of coming through
juggling two nights of soccer practice a week with a hubby that travels
Saturday mornings of soccer games
taking a financial class with my hubby on Sunday evenings

All while...
keeping four growing children fed 
getting laundry done
keeping the house picked up
shall I go on...?

Somehow I have managed to get some sewing done {which I'm excited about}...a couple things are even for myself.

Here's a sneak peak...

a top for myself...{I made my own pattern}...

a cardi/wrap for myself {own pattern from a similar top I have}...

a pair of pants for the little man...

I'm hoping to blog about them soon as well as finish some other posts that I've started...

Thank you for bearing with me through my sporadic blogging while I attempt to "adjust".



  1. Sporadic blogging is normal for a lot of bloggers :)

    The things that you've been working on look really good! Those little pants are just so cute :) But wow, you have quite a lot going on in life right now!

    ♥ Shar

    1. Well I glad to hear the "sporadic-ness" is normal! :)
      Life definitely is a bit crazy right now. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you're doing well, Shar.

  2. I didn't blog anything last week except a wordless Wednesday. I had too much else going on and I heard the voice in my head saying" I need to or I should " and then I told that voice to be quiet. I don't how others blog as much as they do. It's not that i don't believe them at all, it's just that I don't see how they do all the mommy stuff, blog and still get sleep.

  3. Super mom :). Keep on keeping on my friend, your doing awesome! Xoxo

  4. Well - I'm impressed. Even through all of the very necessary "mommy stuff" you were able to do something for you! I love the stripey cardigan - stripes are right any season of the year!

  5. LOVE the cardigan! I'm a stripes girl indeed. :-). I'm now following your blog.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and following...I'm happily following back.