September 14, 2012

Friday Failure {Apple Cider Vinegar}

Wow! What a week.

Between a 2 year old with nasty {seasonal} allergies, a one year old who has been fussy {teething?} crying and not sleeping AT ALL, and two busy big girls, this week has gotten away from me.

Top that off with computer and sewing machine problems, and well...{you get it}.

I thought that sharing a "tried it" Friday failure would be a good post to sum up the week...

The other day I noticed I was getting low on hair conditioner.  Moments later I saw this in the cupboard...

And recalled once reading about how Apple Cider Vinegar is an awesome hair conditioner...

Some of the claims:
      *soft and shiny hair
      *leaves hair manageable
      *easier to detangle

I Googled it and found a number of variations on how to use it as a hair conditioner.  So I decided to try three different "recipes".

First, I chose a method {the one that used the least amount of vinegar in a mixture with water}, and gave it a try...

The next time I washed my hair, I decided to give a different "recipe" a shot {using a little more of the vinegar this time in a 1:3 ratio}...

Trial three...straight up Apple Cider Vinegar worked into my hair starting at the ends...

My results...
      *nearly vomiting in the shower from the smell!
      *hair was not soft 
      *maybe it was the lighting, but I didn't notice any added luster
      *hair was more tangled than ever and looked more like I had tried to fix it with an egg beater!

Have you tried ACV as a hair conditioner?  Did you have any luck?  I can at least say I gave it a try!

Have a beautiful weekend!



  1. NOTHING would work on my pathetic hair,but I always thought vinegar was good for removing excess product use, or something like that. You could always try a series of food products, and report back. Isn't mayo supposed to good?

  2. welp, here's to trying! hahaha. at least we can learn from others mistakes...we should post more "tried it and failed" posts more often! ha.

  3. I know that things with an acidic pH are better for hair than those with an alkaline pH...but I can't imagine how apple cider vinegar could even work to make hair soft and shiny? besides...that stuff smells horrible, you're right about that. I'll make sure never to try that one...

    1. Some people claim that it works...I seriously could not get past the smell!

  4. Haha! This made me giggle a little bit! Sorry for your bad experience!!

    Thanks for linking up at the CHQ Blog Hop this week :) I'm your newest Linky follower!!

  5. I had to laugh too, because I have wondered how it would work. Your experience is kind of what I thought it would be like. Well I wont be giving that one a go. Thanks for letting us know.:)

    1. No problem...Happy to test it out! I would love to see pics of the people who say it worked wonders.