October 14, 2013

Snapfish Awesome Print Deal!!! Ends soon!

This deal is too good not to share...

If you follow me via Facebook or Twitter then you might know that I have been working on uploading, saving, and transferring pictures from my digital cameras.

Seriously it has been a daunting task and I am embarrassed to say that there are over 8,000 of them to do.

{I haven't really printed pictures, with the exception of Christmas cards and occasional pics of the kids for family/grandparents, in nearly 7 years!!!  Yes, 7 years!}

I came across an awesome deal from Snapfish the other night and did order a couple hundred prints under their 99 for 99 cents offer.

Today I received an email for unlimited 1 cent prints!!! WHAT?  YES!  Unlimited one cent prints...but {there's always a but} the offer ends tomorrow 10/15/2013.  So get on it!!!

The code at checkout is UNLIMITED

Remember the offer ends tomorrow!

Best wishes, and have a great day.

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