October 9, 2013

My Favorite Birthday Deals and Freebies

Birthdays kind of lose their thrill once you hit your 30's and have kids.  Yesterday was my birthday...

Here's how my birthday went down {in a nut shell}...
3 year old threw a tantrum and refused to get dressed for 30 minutes
During breakfast 2 year old choked and threw up
Running late...
Spent the day {the WHOLE day} at the MN Zoo for a home school special field trip {which was actually OK because the weather was beautiful and we were with some good friends}
Stopped for dinner at IKEA with the kids on the way home from the zoo because hubby had a work training into the night {who wanted to sit in traffic with a van full of kids for 45 minutes anyway?}

Really, it wasn't so bad and I did have a nice day.  Of course if you had asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday I can't say that any of the above would have made my top 10 things to do on my birthday.

A couple of awesome things did happen though...I got a few Birthday Freebies & Deals {which is always nice...who doesn't like free stuff?}.

You can find websites, and pages among pages with list after list of birthday freebies, but I'm not one to travel all over the place to collect on a freebie {I tummy and thighs don't need me to collect on free desserts}.

Here were my favorite freebies & deals... {in no particular order}

Free Caribou coffee {OK, this was probably my favorite!} If you're ever looking to win me over, just bring me a Caribou coffee hot milk chocolate mocha - we'll be bff's for sure!

Deal: Kids ate FREE at IKEA!  Dinner for us cost $5 and some odd cents, because kids eat free at IKEA on Tuesdays.  Who knew?  Clearly not me.  I don't know if ALL Ikea stores offer this deal on Tuesdays, but the Minneapolis {Bloomington}, MN Ikea does.  

Bonus...I got my new free Ikea catalog!

Free Gift from Sephora {I didn't even have to buy anything}.

Free Gift from AVEDA {technically I still have to go to the store and collect the gift/redeem my birthday offer - but I do have the offer}

$10 off from Shabby Apple  Oh, I cannot wait to use this one!!!  I adore their dresses and will definitely need at least one for the upcoming festivities of the season!

Dresses from Shabby Apple

Who doesn't enjoy free stuff once in a while?  ...especially when it is stuff you like and will use!

What are your favorite birthday freebies?  Do you have any that I should know about or that you recommend for the future?


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