October 17, 2013

Halloween Decorating...Kid Crafted. Organic Decor.

Take a look around Pinterest or any of your favorite blogs and you will find a plethora of beautiful fall & Halloween mantels, tablescapes, painted pumpkins, & more.

If you need or want inspiration check out this post at Sugar Bee Crafts.

They're beautiful... They're inspiring...

But... I have a confession.  I've never really been into decorating for fall & Halloween.  {I tried fall mums outside & they're already dead.}  I really just have two seasons of decorating around the house...Christmas & not Christmas.

This is typically the extent of my decorating for fall & Halloween...

This house needed more.

We have several big blank walls around the house that need a bit of love.  So as filler I set the kids to work...

With a pad of paint & marker paper, black paint, and brushes, I let the little artists have at it.

The result...

A "gallery" of "spooky" masterpieces.

We tacked up a string of twine and used clothes pins to hang our art.  This will also serve as a place to hang all the Christmas/Holiday cards we receive too.

While hanging the Halloween artwork, I noticed we have "organic" decorations too...

Time to clean a little higher???


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