September 26, 2013

Ultimate Parent Fail {the night the tooth fairy didn't come...}

Yup. It happened. The post title sums it up...

The Tooth Fairy forgot to come, breaking a little heart.

The minute I sensed the sweet little soul beside my bed waking me up {at 5 in the morning} I KNEW!

With silent crocodile tears streaming down her cheeks she softly spoke, "the Tooth Fairy didn't come...she forgot about me".

Ugh.  I wanted to die {not really, but there are not words to describe how utterly terrible I felt}.

I tried to think quick..."honey, it's soooo early still...maybe she just hasn't made it yet?".  Lame attempt, but I was desperate.  I took her back to her bed and snuggled with her trying every trick I knew to try to get her back to sleep, but it was not happening.  The tears silently continued.

I had failed.

An hour passed.  The tears continued to flow.  I felt horrible.  And then it came to me.  I did what a panicking parent in a pickle would do.

I lied!

Yup.  I did.

We had recently moved so I used it as my excuse!  I told her that the tooth fairy probably hadn't received the notice that we had moved/changed our address yet {hey, I was desperate!}.  And she accepted this "excuse".

She waited patiently.  And wouldn't you know the tooth fairy did come...she left a teeny tiny hand written note {as the tooth fairy always does} and included an explanation and apology of why she hadn't come {she went to the wrong house, of course}.  She {the tooth fairy} did compensate extra for that tooth too...

This has been my "mommy fail confession".  I sure hope I'm not the only parent who has ever found them self in this situation???



  1. What a sweet story! You are not alone in having it happen. I did the same for one of my sons but he was easier to distract as the money magically appears elsewhere in the bed. My daughter once wanted to keep one of her teeth so she wrote a little note to the TF, asking to keep it. I had the "brilliant" idea to write her back, putting glitter on the note (as the TF would), which then prompted my daughter to invite the TF & her fairy friends to come have a party in her dollhouse and to be her penpal. I had to write a note to say that the TF can only write a couple of personal notes a year but that the party was fully enjoyed by all.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm so relieved to hear that I'm not the only parent to have done this!

  2. yeah we forgot once too. I think I said we forgot to call the tooth fairy to tell her to come, so that's why she didn't come that night!

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  4. LOLLLLL This post made me laugh so much and brought back memories. We moved country 18 years ago when the kids were 4 and 7 years old. New country, language and culture. Shopping was a nightmare, we arrived three months before Christmas so I had to lie about Santa not knowing where we were yet and that it would take him longer. LOLLL the innocence of children, we sit and laugh about it now.