September 20, 2013

"The Wet Brush" ... total gimmick or totally amazing?

The Wet Brush...

Have you heard of this?  I had heard about it a while ago from a hairstylist who was trying to sell me one, but with a basket full of combs and brushes already, I politely declined.

A couple of days ago I was given one of these brushes from my mother who said to give it a try.

Upon removing the brush from the package and inspecting it, my honest opinion was that it looked and felt like a hair brush from the Dollar Tree but with a $13 price tag.

After washing my hair I decided to give the brush a try.

In my brain I was already thinking about the words I was going to use to tell my mom she totally got ripped off with this silly brush...

But after 4 quick swoops through my full head of long hair I was ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY!!!

This wet brush is amazing!!!  It went right through my wet tugging, no breaking, no struggle at all!  I couldn't believe it.

The true test would be through my son's crazy "Lionel Richie" like hair... and again, it AMAZED me!!!  After naps his hair looks like someone attempted dread locks on the back of his head - it usually takes A LOT of detangler, conditioner, and brushing to get through the mess.  The Wet Brush went through so quickly and easily ... and there was no screaming or flinching from the little guy.

Rarely do I "ooh" and "ahh" over a product {outside of my skincare products}, but I simply couldn't hold this one in.  I'm totally impressed.

I totally feel like a cheesy "Info-mercial", but this thing is great!


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