August 30, 2013

Dear Target {please don't ruin my sanctuary}

Target rocks!  Right?

{Well, I do have an on-going "bone to pick with them" in regards to their infant/toddler boy clothing selection...or lack their of, and definite lack of anything cute for boys...but that's another post}.

So... for me...Target is Mommy Disney World!  That's how I felt until tonight anyway...

I had an experience tonight that made me want to run far, far away to a Walmart store.  It stuck with me so bad that I'm tempted to write a letter and it will go a little something like this...

Dear Target...

Let me start by saying I Love Target {most of the time anyway}!  I am a mother of four with frequent needs that require shopping at Target.  It is a marvelous store.  Target to a mother is as Disney World is to a child.

Target is my go-to "sanctuary" when I am able to get away for an hour or two away from the kids.  I love spending my time shopping in peace and quiet, wandering aimlessly, loading my cart with "stuff" that I {not my children} am choosing to purchase.

Tonight, however, my Target "sanctuary" was destroyed when I visited my local Target Store only to experience the obnoxious noise of music blaring throughout the store.  Not calming, wordless music, but the same overplayed "pop" crap music you hear on the radio or cranked in a teen-y bopper store in the mall.  

My question is WHY???  Why is the music necessary?  STOP THE MADNESS!!!  I'm not even going to get into the lyrics that I don't particularly care for my children to hear {they weren't explicit but they weren't exactly "kid" appropriate either}.  I worked in retail for a number of years and I've heard the whole "music makes people purchase more" theory.  Target is not a store that needs to play that game.  I have no problem dropping money at Target - it does not take loud music to make me buy more.  In fact this evening I spent considerably less than I typically do during a Target shopping trip because I couldn't get out of the store quick enough!

My plea is PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop the music!!!  I beg of you not to implement it in other stores. 

Please don't force me to find a new "sanctuary" for my "mommy time".  

Perhaps this music "annoyance" to me is just a "test store" thing.  Maybe I am over-reacting to the {overplayed pop} music?

Would you prefer Target stores played music?


1 comment:

  1. I love Target just as much as you do. It's the best store ever.

    I'm sorry to hear about the terrible experience. My Target has not done anything like this unless it was a day I did not visit.

    Maybe it was some employees in your store and not the company itself. I can't see Target doing something like that. I'd be displeased it I experienced something like that.