July 11, 2012

Wedded Bliss Wednesday

*a little pre-post disclaimer...we had the most AWESOME photographer in the world {no photo shop needed by her}!  Her photos were and are amazing...however our wedding was pre-digital surge, so I had to scan our pics in, and our scanner {excuse me} sucks and clearly was dirty.  The clarity and color, saturation, etc. is so clear and amazing in the actual pictures! You can check her out here...

Wow! Nine years...really?

It's amazing how quickly time goes...I can't believe we've been married {almost} ten years!

I'd love to say that every single day has been perfect and a smooth ride, but it hasn't, and that's OK.  It makes the journey that much better.  I'm so happy and amazed at the life we have created in nine years.

I can still remember my wedding day so vividly!  It was awesome.  There is not a thing that I would do differently.

Planning was so fun and so easy!  Engagement date to wedding date...exactly five months.  Everything fell into place within the first month.

Our flowers...gorgeous! Even though my bouquet weighed fifty pounds...{OK, I exaggerate a bit}

My photographer...the best!  She captured everything about the day so perfectly...I wish my scanner was better and that I had the time to scan more pictures for you. My only tip ever to any couple getting married...get an awesome photographer {even if it costs a lot}!
{this pic is really where you see the "dirtiness" and horrible quality of the scanner}

Our cake was so tasty I purposely over ordered so there would be left-overs...

Our ceremony, quaint...in a small historic church.

Decor was pretty simple...mason jars filled with colorful daisies lined the aisles attached to the pews with ribbon.  A large beautiful bouquet filled the front of the church honoring our passed loved ones.

My something borrowed...my grandmother's wedding ring.  My grandfather had passed away three months before our wedding.

Our reception...a blast!!!  We had it on a large boat...on the way, we had the limo driver stop at Target so the wedding party could all get water wings to wear onto the boat as a joke...{it was good humor}
NOT a professional pic...but it shows the pink and blue water wings.

Sometimes I get a kick out of my married friends "pinning" wedding stuff on Pinterest...umm...we're already married?

If I was getting married today though, the one thing I would HAVE to do different...is get a dress from Tara LaTour {I know her!!!}...specifically The Angela dress...{sigh}.  I love it, love it, LOVE IT!

Happy Anniversary, Mr. P!!!

Cheers to a lifetime of love and happiness, and many more great years to come!

{seriously, I'm so terribly sorry for the poorly scanned quality of the pics!}

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