July 30, 2012

hello. {welcome friends}


welcome friends...welcome family...welcome to all...

i've been "busted"..."found out"...

{insert a special "shout out" to mrs. jessica k.}

maybe it was through having something pinned on Pinterest...or a linked up post on Tip Junkie...or Facebook...who knows...but my blog is no longer a secret unknown to those who know me best.

so, this post is mostly for you...for the ones who "found out"...{a little explanation}

*first, a special note* i fully expect you to leave a comment {only nice ones please}, and ask you please to start following me...there's a nice little "follow" button to the right...yup the right of your screen...see it?  click on it...choose to follow me {my blog}...i'd really appreciate it! plus, it would just be awesome to know who has been here {to put a name to the stat counter, if you will}.

so...grab a coffee {or your favorite drink}...

put on your readers {if necessary}...

belly up to your computer, laptop, iphone, ipad {whatever you have}...

and here we go...

when i started blogging a short while ago, i was nervous. i don't know why?  i considered blogging and wanted to start a blog a long while ago...well over a year and a half ago.  i just put it off, and put it off.

finally, one day i decided to "go for it".

i chose not to tell everyone about it {right away}, except my hubby, because i was a bit shy...i'm still not sharing it with everyone quite yet.  i didn't want to be judged {in a bad way} or criticized.  plus, i didn't know if it would last or something that i would really get into.

a couple of months later...it's going steady, and it's going really well.  i'm really enjoying it and having a great time doing it!  and, it has "stuck", or i've stuck to it.

i've enjoyed blogging about sewing, crafts, a bit of decorating, cooking and baking {oh who am i kidding...you know i don't cook and bake!}, and just a tad about being a mom, and "life".

now that i have some content and want to keep it up, i'm happy to share it with you all, but i thought i would wait until i got my custom blog design {which i am super impatient excited for!!!}.

you just found me first!

so welcome to you!  i hope you'll stick around {don't forget to leave a comment and follow along}.

thanks for visiting! hugs!


  1. I L.O.V.E. your glasses! I too did not tell my loved one's about my blog at first but now that I am more regularly blogging I have leaked it onto Facebook. I think your blog is fab and hope to keep seeing more from you!

  2. I love this, your blog, and you my friend!! Way to go, and can't wait to follow you and join you on this journey! Xoxoxo

  3. Such cute pictures of you! So you were a secret blogger too? I kinda still am. I really don't just walk up to people and say " Hi, I blog"

  4. New follower from the Monday Mom blog hop! Fun blog!
    Misty @ monkeysandtutus.blogspot.com