August 22, 2012

Scrambled Wall Art {Word Painting Tutorial}

I've been creating more wall art...of words.  I guess I have a thing for word art lately.

I recently posted about "sprucing up" the kitchen.  I decided the walls needed a bit of love...something to fill them up.  I have a really hard time with art.  My favorite things to put on the walls are family photos and photos of the kids.

Since my style and "likings" change so frequently I decided to make my own artwork for the kitchen.

I decided to make my own "eat. pray. love" might notice the words are scrambled up {there's an explanation at the end of this post}.

Here's how I made my sign...

I had a leftover canvas board from my daughter's "art party".

I painted the entire canvas a solid color {gray in my case}.

Next, I printed the words I wanted to paint on my canvas from my computer/printer in the font and size that I wanted them to be on my sign.

On the backside of my paper printed words, I shaded the entire area with a pencil.  Like this...

Once I decided on placement for each word, I placed the paper right side up on my canvas and traced each letter with a pen.  This left a pencil marking of each letter on my canvas.

I then painted in each letter with a fine tipped brush {it took a couple of coats}...

Voila...done!  Well...I would like to find a white frame for it and then I need to hang it...then it will be "done".

Now...I know the saying is "eat. pray. love.", but when I was printing out my words and deciding on the positioning, my daughter was looking on to see what I was doing.

When I told her what it would say, she commented that she didn't think it was right.

I of course asked "why?".

And she responded..."well, you're supposed to pray before you eat"...yes, she's correct {that's how we do it in our home}.

After I agreed, she continued "and loving people is more important than eating"...right again.

So, in this kitchen, we do "pray. love. eat."



  1. This was such a cute post! I love your daughter's insight :) I found you via Welcome Wednesday. I'll be reading along now.

    1. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment.

  2. Your daughter is one smart cookie. And this turned out so awesome. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to do things old school.

    1. Thank you, Emily. I take it you don't have a Cricuit or a Silhouette (or the like) machine either? I would LOVE one and I know some projects would be so much easier with one - but I just have to make do. I hope everything is going well for you this week.

  3. Haha! The minds of toddlers never cease to amaze me! (I know mine is constantly surprising me with the things that come out of his mouth). I never thought of using pencil shading and tracing!!! This is a huge lifesaver (yes, I do things the old-fashioned way, too)! I would have meticulously cut out the letters and then traced them. Thank you for the tip! (I'm going to be "pinning" it!)


  4. You have a very steady hand! Looks nice. Like the colors
    a lot!


  5. this looks great and your daughter is quite right! very clever!
    Thanks for stopping by, i have just become your newest follower and am looking forward to more posts!

  6. This looks great! Nice job on the letting! Love the yellow :)

  7. What a great tutorial! It looks amazing. And I love the story behind the scrambled words :)
    I go to a crafts group at my church (with a bunch of grandmas--they love my daughter) and this would be great to do there. Tedious painting like that is relaxing!

  8. Thank you - you must be proud of your daughter! :) Little ones are often so wise. This is a great idea! (Glad I found you via the To Sew With Love blog hop.)